August 18, 2007

Fish and Chips! AKA Roy's Catch

Success. Fried grouper to die for. We sliced the filets according to Roy's instructions- first lengthwise and then into smaller chunks across. It was simple- toss the pieces in a large zipper bag filled with Zatarain's Crispy Southern Recipe breading, and fry them in vegetable oil. I used my cast iron skillet because it cooks evenly and can take the heat. I cooked them for 2 1/2 or 3 minutes per side. Best fish I ever had by leaps and bounds.

I made the chips using the recipe I posted about a month ago in Finger Food. A fantastic fried food feast which I highly recommend. None of this food was very greasy- just follow instructions for oil temperature and drain when finished. We had several choices for sauces/dips- remoulade sauce, tartar sauce and salt/malt vinegar. I think the vinegar was my favorite, but none were bad. Now I have to plan well because there's one more grouper filet in the freezer, and I have to do it justice...and the eggs.

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JB said...

These look amazing.
I agree with you about tomato's - I had to cut one up with my lunch the other day. I just put olive Oil and salt and peper and it is soo good!We get great tomato's in VA.
Not sure if I am using the 's correctly! Sorry.