August 8, 2007

Night Blooming Cactus Redux

Last weekend we noticed some more blooms on the same cactus getting ready to open, so I attempted to take photos over time. This is all I got- they bloomed at their fullest while I was sleeping. The plant is so big, I think we might get another chance to film it. Here are three photos, one when it was just dusk, and the other two taken at intervals between 9:00 and 11:00 PM. The poor focus is due to my not knowing how to use my new camera, I even read the booklet- but fuzzy natural wonders are better than no natural wonders at all...and the eggs.


Sparki said...

Amazing! This is in your YARD??!?!

Arties32 said...

Hi Sparki!!
Yes, in the YARD. The yard is full of tropical plants and trees- it is really amazing. (If I do say so myself- ha ha). It is what made us choose this house - well, that and the pool :)
Miss you!