August 30, 2007

Home Cooking at Marilyn and Jack's House

It just doesn't get any better than this. Cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes, corn, pickled eggs and beets, cucumber salad and fresh ripe tomatoes. Have you ever looked forward to something for a long time? This dinner was worth every single solitary second of waiting. Dinner at Marilyn and Jack's - my in laws. I have been dreaming about it for months. This is without a doubt the best meal I have ever eaten. I don't have the recipes for this food and even if I did, I doubt that I would ever be able to recreate it. I mean right down to the corn. It's one of those things that you have to experience to appreciate. Like a good Thanksgiving when everyone is happy to just be together, and that makes the food even more special. Every element of this meal was perfect, and exactly what I had been craving.

I will get the recipes for the pickled eggs and beets and the cucumber salad and give those a try. This was quite a kickoff to our eating frenzy in Pittsburgh, nothing else we had even came close, but it was fun trying...and the eggs.


Valli said...

Peeople often ask what my last meal would be if I had to choose. I think that cabbage rolls, tomatoes and corn on the cob would rank high on my list. Throw in a perogie or two and I would be in heaven!

Arties32 said...

Yes, Valli. I agree. I don't know what made the cabbage rolls so absolutely perfect- they said it has to do with freezing them, so I guess that's the secret. I make decent pierogies myself- I'll have to make them this weekend. Thank you for the suggestion :)

JB said...

OMG. My mouth is watering. Do they ship orders to Virginia?

The Cookbook Junkie said...

That picture reminds me of meals at my husband's baba's house where we have Easter and Christmas Eve. Like you, I don't think I could duplicate her food even if I had the recipes. It's magical.

I'm pretty sure she's making her stuffed cabbage for Labor Day at my ILs. Here's hoping!

Anonymous said...

looks incredible!