August 8, 2007

What We've Been Eating

Work has been very stressful but it hasn't affected my appetite. I have been too preoccupied for the past few days to go into detail about our dinners, but not too stressed out to eat them. The first photo above was a super spicy stir-fry made with leftover jerk seasoned pork tenderloin. It was much better as a stir fry than in its original state. I used a cooking method similar to my previous post, Hot! Hot! Hot!.

The second photo was a first attempt at my favorite Indian dish, Makkani Murgi, which is essentially small bites of chicken breast simmered in a seasoned butter sauce. I found the sauce pre-made at Wild Oats, and it didn't dissapoint. I also found nan in the freezer section, and it I highly recommend both items for something totally different.

Meanwhile, Marye won the August Royal Foodie Joust challenge (congratulations!) and the ingredients she has chosen for next month are chipotle peppers, buttermilk and zucchini. I already have an idea, but will have to do some cookbook research before it becomes a viable recipe. I got my new Food and Wine yesterday, and am planning to cook some of the Italian dishes featured in this issue, so come back to visit soon...and the eggs.


JB said...

That is too wierd. I have been eating Indian food everyday for lunch for like 2 weeks. Amy's brand have great frozen lunches - as good as a restaurants.

Christine said...

Wasn't this months Food and Wine so wonderful!? I haven't put it down and I have never bookmarked so many pages. I'll be cooking from this one for months. If only I could find the chickpea flour listed on page 100 for the Farinata recipe. Ugh!

Arties32 said...

Yes- Christine- especially for Italian food lovers which we are! Check out eFood Depot, I recently bought some ingredients for asian food from them but they sell a huge variety of hard to find items. OK I checked and no chick pea flour, but you should be able to find it somewhere. Try Whole Foods or Wild Oats. They have all kinds of pre-packaged flours. Good luck.