September 5, 2007

Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse - Pittsburgh!

Each time we go to Pittsburgh, the whole family makes a point to have dinner at Sapporo. We're suckers, we love the entertainment- and the food is delicious. Sapporo is our favorite for one simple reason- they do not put peas in their fried rice. Yes, we have an unreformable pea-hater in our family- I won't use names because I have been advised that anonymity is preferred.

First and second courses- fresh salad with ginger dressing and delicious mushroom miso soup.

Third course- the wonderful rice!

Fourth course- shrimp appetizer, with a quick sauce of butter, soy and lemon!

Do not try this at home!

Finally, my favorite item- simple and really delicious- the filet mignon.

I think I tasted each and every dish at our table- from the teriyaki beef to the salmon, and each was better than the last. This food is straightforward and cooked to perfection. Seeing it cooked by a masterful chef/knife thrower, inches from our faces, never fails to entertain. It was a great way to spend our last night in Pittsburgh...and the eggs.

Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse & Seafood in Pittsburgh


bmoon said...

my dad hates peas too - I get it from him

Arties32 said...

We had two pea haters? I was completely unaware!!!

Christine said...

My goodness! I just read through all your Pittsburgh posts and I can't wait to go in November to try some of these places. Thanks for the great reviews! Hope that new job is going well and the cookies are working their "magic!"

JB said...

I try to fit an onion valcano into every meal. I think it gives it that little something extra.