September 2, 2007

Oakmont Bakery

I've been to this bakery at Christmastime, and now I have been there on a hot August afternoon, and it was just as crowded. Take a number and wait- it's worth it. You will find everything from pepperoni bread to cupcakes at Oakmont Bakery.
We went for cupcakes, and found some unique options, including an Elvis peanut butter and banana cupcake! I didn't try all of the sweets we bought, I tried three. The Elvis cupcake and the Orange Creamsicle cupcake. Mmmm. They also make snoballs- you know, those round cakes covered in coconut with cream filling? They're as big as softballs, but taste much better.

You can find more information on the bakery at They have a link describing their gourmet cupcakes, complete with photographs. I'll be happy to tell you about more of their confections, but it will take many more years of visiting to sample everything- I think I'm up to it...and the eggs.

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Anonymous said...

Pittsburg has great food1 I haven't been there, and didn't think of it that way.