September 2, 2007

Jimmy G's- Comfort, Comfort, Comfort!

Sharpsburg is an area of Pittsburgh which has seen better days. Having lived in Philly, I am familiar with this type of neighborhood decline. If you look hard enough, there are always gems which surprise. In this case, it was Jimmy G's. We went for lunch, although I perused the dinner menu and would love to go back sometime to sample their extensive menu of steaks, chops and seafood.
Although the lunch menu was varied, our party ordered strictly comfort food- here is my partner's Turkey Devonshire. The menu describes it as "Turkey or Chicken served on toast points with mornay sauce, bacon, tomato and broccoli". I never had devonshire, and I didn't order it at Jimmy G's, but I did try a bite. It was out of this world. The turkey had wonderful flavor, and combined well with all of the other ingredients. When I go someplace new, I try to order something new to me- so I tried Artichokes Romano.
You might not consider artichokes a comfort food, but if you read this blog, you might know that artichokes are my favorite food. This dish offered the best of the artichoke - the heart- thinly sliced and sauteed in a light batter. Be still my heart. A wine sauce with lemon, butter and parsley on top of crispy, tender artichoke hearts. I could eat it every day.

Cynthia's roast beef and gravy. Looked good, looked very good. She loved it. I forgot to ask for a taste. In fact, the moment I bit into one of the artichoke hearts, I sort of floated off into my own little world. That's how good they were. I will have to learn how to make these, or maybe, I'll just look forward to another trip to Sharpsburg...and the eggs.

Jimmy G's in Pittsburgh

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JB said...

OMG. I can't wait to go!