July 25, 2007

Working Late (Meatloaf for One)

I was planning to have left over skirt steak, but I had ground beef that I needed to use. My sister gave me the meatloaf recipe I always use- but I didn't have the ingredients, so I really improvised on this one. It turned out flavorful and was surprisingly delicious. I had about a pound of ground beef which I put in a bowl. I mixed in an egg, breadcrumbs (made with wheat flour), a few spoonfuls of hot picante sauce, half of a chopped onion and some Texas Pete's Hot Sauce. I formed it into a loaf and cooked it at 350 degrees for 90 minutes.

During the meatloaf's last few minutes of cooking, I wrapped one leftover artichoke in plastic wrap and microwaved it on half power for 3 minutes. It was warm but didn't get overcooked. I also used the microwave to heat up the hollandaise, stirring after every 10 seconds until it was warm. This method generally does not work- it doesn't take much abuse for hollandaise to separate. Mine did, so it wasn't pretty-- but it still tasted good.

Tomorrow I will have a long day, and plan to work into the night, so I'm taking leftover meatloaf. I can make a sandwich for a late lunch (I bought whole grain hamburger buns!) and it will be hearty enough to carry me through the night, until I can get home and get to that leftover skirt steak...and the eggs.


Anonymous said...

Looks good!
love and hugs,

JB said...

That looks so good I forgive you for not making my recipe! The onions look especially yummy. I am going to add those to my next batch. XO

Arties32 said...
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Valli said...

I often make meatloaf for 1 only because my daughter will not try it. I sometimes need my comfort foods!!!!