July 21, 2007

Bring It On!

Bring on the heat! July in Orlando, Florida? No problem! We made it despite my doubts. We even had some surprisingly delicious food. Finnegan's is located in the Universal Studio theme park, and is in the New York neighborhood. They have everything from shepherd's pie to wings and much in between. At our table alone there were bangers and mash, the aforementioned pie, corned beef sandwiches, fish and chips and beers. Everything was good, the portions were too big and it wasn't a budget breaker. Definitely a nice change of pace from the fried baskets and burgers at the other park restaurants. We did find a decent pizza for lunch- in the same neighborhood (NY- of course!).

We had a fun and exhausting few days, rode very scary roller coasters over at Islands of Adventure (congratulations to Emilie- you go girl!) and walked at least 50 miles, or so it seems. I wasn't too worried about watching what I was eating because I was sure I'd walked every bit of it off. It was hot and humid as was expected, but we made the most out of our time. My main recommendation for a trip to either of the Universal parks is to buy the Express passes. They are worth their weight in gold. As an alternative, pay the extra 50 bucks per night to stay in one of the hotels on the Universal property, and you can use your room key as an Express Pass. Considering they are $40 apiece on top of the price of admission, it's truly worth the price of the hotel.

Home safe and sound (and barely able to walk) tonight we're making our own pizzas. Looking forward to one more day of rest before returning to work...and the eggs.

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