May 17, 2007

So much food, so little time

Commuting to work has taken a huge chunk of time which I used to spend grocery shopping and cooking. I am embarrassed to tell you what I have eaten for dinner this week, but I just started reading Paula Deen's new memoir and she says not to hide anything because people will find out anyway. Ernesto's Taco Shop is a small restaurant chain in South Florida. They have three locations, and one of them is within a few blocks of my house. This week we've had tacos twice. Aside from the homemade tacos my partner makes, Ernesto's are the some of the best I have had. Soft corn tortillas bursting with flavor. Try their carnitas, which are made with shredded pork. They also come with guacamole and chopped tomato. Excellent- and it's just icing on the cake that you can request no cilantro. I hate cilantro.
Now for the dirty little secret... this is hard.....suffice it to say that last week I was one among 1000 winners of the Kentucky Fried Chicken controversial "hear the buzz tone in the commerical" contest. I won $10 in KFC gift certificates. At least I didn't have a lot of pots and pans to clean this week. 'Nuf said...and the eggs.

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