May 17, 2007

Hedwig, the Angry Finch (Meet the Family Part I)

You could say our Sun Conure, Hedwig, eats like a bird. If birds eat like hogs, that is. The bird eats constantly. Hedwig was hand raised and is very tame and comfortable being handled by people. He/she prefers to be hand fed, but there aren't enough hours in the day. Hedwig's gender can only be identified by doing a DNA test, and since we aren't planning on breeding Hedwig, we're fine not knowing.

Hedwig goes crazy for unsalted peanuts- you need to know this because in case you are ever holding Hedwig and are wearing jewelry, you will need the peanuts to distract him/her.

Hedwig is 8 months old and is the newest addition to our menagerie.
...and the eggs.

1 comment:

bmoon said...

already lost an ear ring over this bird. also, a change of shirt would come in handy.