May 23, 2007


In February, at the Temple Sinai auction (in Portsmouth, Virginia), we bought this buddha. We don't know a thing about them, but this one looked really happy and we thought he would be perfect for us, never mind that we live in Miami and buddha weighs at least 100 pounds. That is just one teensy-weensy, almost inconsequential detail when you have been enjoying an open bar and complimentary food for the last 6 hours. To make a long story short, buddha landed safe and sound in Miami in early April. Many believe that rubbing buddha's belly brings good fortune. I figured it couldn't hurt. I started rubbing his belly every day. We started getting money in the mail the next day- first, a refund for home insurance. The next day it was a settlement check from a class action lawsuit we had signed up for and forgotten about. The next, notification that our car insurance premiums were dropping. You get the idea. This has gone on for weeks. We're still rubbing buddha's belly daily...and the eggs.


JB said...

please rub the Budda belly on my Birthday and send me good thoughts!!

Nunu said...

Hey what class action? I never got my Sprint money.