December 5, 2007

People + Food

The link to the right is to my new experimental blog, People + Food. My idea is to get as many people from as many diverse backgrounds and locations as possible to send me a portrait photo (mostly head and face) and to send me a story about a food memory. I would love to include your photo and food story/memory on the blog!!! Your story won't be edited or changed, it's your food story. Two of my biggest passions I have in life are people and food, so combining them into one blog which is totally different from ...and the eggs is my new endeavor. Nothing will change over here, I'll still be cooking and telling stories- but that's my life. I would love to include a little tidbit about your life at Check it out to see what is there so far! Let me know if you have any questions, and please e-mail me at the link on the right hand column with your portraits and stories. Thank you! Happy first day of Chanukah to those of you celebrating...and the eggs.

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