December 8, 2007

Chili Con Carne for Charity

This year, I am on our firm's United Way Committee. Tuesday we are having a chili tasting, where we ask for a donation in exchange for lunch. This year, I chose a Chili Con Carne recipe from Cook's Illustrated, to which I will make with a few small changes. Today's cooking day, and I'll report on my progress later.

When I was in elementary school, I lived in South Texas. Whenever there was a local game or event, chili con carne was a favorite at the concession stand. It was always served spooned on top of fritos in a frito bag with a plastic spoon. (Do any of you remember that?) My goal was to recreate that chili nostalga, but I haven't been successful at finding little bags of fritos. I'll serve the fritos on the side.

Cooking to raise money for charity is a great idea. Bake sales are an age old example. The fastest way to food lovers' pockets is through their stomachs! That way, the people are getting something delicious in return for their donations. It's a win-win situation...and the eggs.

Happy 4th day of Chanukah for those of you celebrating! Do you notice anything nostalgic about this photo?

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Anonymous said...

That's our old menorah that we used when you were children!
Yes, I remember once at a big swim meet, you ate a frito/chili treat right before getting on the block for your event!