November 10, 2007

Robert Is Here!

In the early 1950's, when Robert was 7, his dad had a crop of cucumbers to sell, so he stood Robert on the corner of a field and propped up a sign by him that read "Robert is Here.'' It's 2007, and Robert is still there. Look at what the cucumber stand has turned into!

Located in Homestead, FL, Robert is Here sells smoothies of every imaginable type, most made with unique tropical ingredients. Ice cream with exotic tropical fruit on the side- there are many offerings at Robert's. Everyone recommends the key lime milkshake. There is also beautiful produce - much of it grown on Robert's land and what isn't is grown locally.

We bought one of these, and are waiting for it to ripen!

We bought two of these, one has ripened. Delicious, sweet, creamy inside!

We sampled this, wasn't bad but didn't have much taste- but beautiful fruit!

I found a spot to buy nice tomatoes almost all year round! You'll never hear me whining about the tomatoes in Florida again!!

Avocado honey was our fave!

I am a mustard connoisseur, and bought several varieties!

TLMM, Robert himself and a Mamey Sapote fruit!...and the eggs.

Robert Is Here in Florida City


Anonymous said...

This place looks like a great place to get unusual produce and fruit. No place like that in The Strip District. Tell the TLMM hello. Read the ribs entry, am jealous and hungry now, thanks alot. One more thing, wait don't even have to say it, you just know.

Arties32 said...

Very funny, just like that parrot joke. At least you showed me a tiny baby tish of mercy by not saying it... but in a way, it's almost worse because it's like a mental thing, so I'll just get it out on paper. On virtual paper. GO STEELERS. OUCH. that really hurt, but I had to.

Anonymous said...

this stuff looks healthy and delicious!

Sparki said...

Oh Robert.

Arties32 said...

Oh bus!