November 5, 2007

A Taste of the Tropics! (Pictorally speaking!)

Now, for a little something different! Saturday morning, we woke up to sub-70 degree weather, and these new blossoms in our yard.

These orchids, which had been dormant since we moved in (in March), and...

these blooms on a bonsai! Every time something new blooms, we get vibrant color and an exotic type of flower. I really should take the time to learn about what some of these things are, and take care of them. I don't think they need much, but I do need to know the basics, i.e. when and if to feed and fertilize. Here are some of the other plants that are unique or that have bloomed recently.

I took pictures for a couple of reasons- in case I am not able to keep them up as nicely as the previous owners did (I'll have pictures of how they were meant to look) and to entice my friends and family to visit! My partner does a one heck of a job keeping things weeded and raked back there. We have so many plants and trees- Myra and Lou must have spent most of their free time working on it. They made it a little tropical paradise. I just thought I would share a little bit of our backyard with you...and the eggs.

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Anonymous said...

These do not look real!
love and hugs,