June 16, 2007

What else?! Banana Chocolate Chip Waffles!

It's raining again- a low pressure system is moving up from Cuba and is supposed to last a couple of days, so unless Mother Nature performs a miracle, there will be no pool today. To quote my friend Sparki, "There's nothing to do...what's there to eat?"
With a kitchen full of ripening bananas, what better for breakfast than banana chocolate chip waffles? Mmmm-mmm! We used a standard Bisquick waffle recipe with the addition of three thinly sliced backyard bananas and a sprinkle of semi-sweet morsels.
What better for lunch than....banana daiquiris...always good, rain OR shine...and the eggs.

1 comment:

fairybetty said...

Ok should we start saying ...and the bananas.....