June 21, 2007

Red Corn


Last weekend, we saw this red corn at the grocery store, and I had to try it. I thought it would taste just like corn but be red. It was one of the strangest things, it had a texture just like corn, but it didn't really taste like corn. It tasted like nothing. It wasn't good at all, but it wasn't horrible either- I wouldn't make it again. I am confused as to why it's sold as food for human consumption.
On a happier note, we had the best stuffed pork chops ever in the world last night, and I will post details of that dinner either later today or tomorrow morning!
If any of you have an inkling as to the point of supposedly edible red corn, please fill me in...and the eggs.


JB said...

I know it looks like it is bleeding.....and you were very brave to try it.

Jack Moon said...

My farmer cousin referred to that red corn as Indian corn. Perhaps it was the maize the Indians planted for the Pilgrims.
We buy it dried to hang on the door in the fall.

Sparki said...

Style over substance, clearly.

Trina said...

I had some this spring and summer and it was pretty tasty. Maybe it was a better crop this year?