June 12, 2007

Meet the Family Part 2

Millie Mae is our 4 year old mixed breed dog. Do you think that a Jack Russell and a Dalmatian can mate? You can't see her body in this picture but it's all white, except for some spots on her belly which look like a Dalmatian's. Millie is a little neurotic and won't walk her normal route through the house if there's something suspicious in her vicinity that wasn't there before. Fortunately, she has calmed down in her "old" age, but there were a few rough puppy years during which she mutilated my house. She is as sweet as can be, just a little high-strung.
They say that animals take on traits of their owners...and I admit to being a little neurotic, but I never chewed through a kitchen floor or a safety gate...or carpet. Well...not yet, anyway...and the eggs.


JB said...

are you going to bake him in a pie? That would be yummy.

Arties32 said...

She's a she ... and how could you say that?????

JB said...

because I love pie....?