April 14, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday, JAM!

My brother in law turns 50 years old today!  We celebrated with him over the weekend with a pool party (what else?!) and some family favorites, including ambrosia salad, "funeral beans" (which, while they may not be pretty, are the best baked beans going) and pickled eggs and beets made by his parents.  

His cousin, Cynthia, won the prize for traveling the furthest for the occasion- she drove from Panama City to bring him this hideous gift we pass back and forth every few years.

We had a fun day, I hope he did too. Now if he would just get that lamp out of my house.  Happy birthday, JAM --and many, many more...and the eggs.

1 comment:

Lo said...

Wow! Look at that... hideous gift! Sounds like a slammin' pool party, though. Happy Birthday, BIL :)