April 13, 2009

Finnegan's River

On the Miami River, you can pull your boat right up to Finnegan's and have a meal, a drink, play pool and swim in the pool. The space is amazing- it's huge. There's outside seating as well as inside. It was hard to go just for a quick lunch, but I will be back.

First and foremost, the food. It took too long to get service which was the only major glitch in our plans. Finally, it was straightened out and we ordered drinks and meals.

One of the specials- Suzy ordered a salad with fried calamari and fish fingers. The calamari was tender and perfectly seasoned and cooked.

Another special was Finnegan's version of shrimp scampi. David loves pasta so his order wasn't a surprise. Huge shrimp! It looked fine, it's hard to mess up shrimp scampi.  

Blackened dolphin sandwich- of course, Ed the Cowboys fan had to eat a dolphin for lunch! Look at that grin. He said it was very good.

I had to try a plain old burger because unlike shrimp scampi, it is easy to mess up a hamburger. It's all about the flavor of the meat, and this one was very, very tasty. Thumbs up.

If I hadn't had to return to work, I would have had a beer or two and played pool.

It was a beautiful day as we sat and ate and watched boats of all shapes and sizes float by. We saw at least two incredible yachts.

There's ample outside seating including a few gazebos with benches and swings. Remind me that this is where I want to go the next time I venture out for happy hour!!!

Every Sunday, these folks roast a whole pig and you can buy it by the plate and enjoy a dish that has real local flare.

They also have a large selection of sushi on the menu. Finnegan's internet site is here.

The food was fine- I would say above average but not spectacular. The atmosphere is spectacular. I highly recommend a trip to Finnegan's but if I were you, I'd go for lunch and take the rest of the day off to enjoy the scenery...and the eggs.

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