March 12, 2009

La Camaronera!!

I won a bet on an Eagles game! When they beat the Giants on January 11th, I won two lunches from co-workers- one from Aldo the Jets fan and one from Ed the Cowboys fan. Aldo has lived in Miami for most of his life and knows all of the best lunch spots in the city. I feel almost guilty telling you about La Camaronera, a hole-in-the-wall in Little Havana owned by Garcia Brothers Seafood. People have lived here for their entire lives without ever knowing it was there, and it has been there since 1966. A well-kept secret? It's all seafood- the menu is short and sweet. The food is nothing short of perfection. There are no seats- walk in and order at the wrap around counter and find a spot to stand. It will be worth your while!

Camarones Fritos - Fried Shrimp. A big plate for $6.50. Couldn't be better and it's half the price of the same dish at their other restaurant on the river, Garcia's.

Arroz Con Pescado- Yellow Rice with Fish Bits. I didn't think it sounded good but tried it anyway- and it's simple, flavorful and fantastic. We shared it among the three of us and the whole plate cost $3.75!!

Pan Con Minuta- Fish Sandwich. $3.25. Just look at it- too big for the bun and it's a whole fish! Here is a shot of the sandwich and the ones on deck.

For those with big appetites, they serve combination platters- this one is fried shrimp, yellow seafood rice and tostones, which are smashed, fried green plantains. The platter is $11.00.

Additional menu items include black-eyed pea fritters, fried fish roe, grouper soup, oyster cocktail, grouper, salmon, fried lobster, and a fresh fish market!

The place is a gem. If you are ever in Miami, a stop at La Camaronera (1952 West Flagler Street) should be on your list. It has become a once a week must for me, it's not far from work and if I time it right (get there at about 1:15), the lunch rush is ebbing. Language shouldn't be a problem- there is always someone working there who speaks English well enough to answer any questions you have. Enjoy a meal at La Camaronera- just don't tell too many people...and the eggs.

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