March 21, 2009

Brasserie Brickell Key!

Just across the bridge to Brickell Key (605 Brickell Key Drive) is Brasserie Brickell Key, an Italian restaurant perfect for our recent birthday luncheon for Melanie. It is within walking distance from our office and serves very good Italian food.

The bread is fresh and warm, and is just the thing to nibble on while carefully perusing the menu.

The appetizers offered are the requisite calamari, carpaccio and mussels- they looked good as we saw them served to other tables, but we had an hour and wanted to get right down to business.

Pollo Piccata ($17.50)- Breast of chicken sauteed in a lemon butter sauce, topped with capers and a touch of white wine. The chicken was cooked and seasoned well. This dish, along with the others we had, was simple but well executed enough so that it wasn't boring.

Tortellini Portofino ($12.95)- Cheese tortellini with a delicate cream sauce, diced prosciutto, green peas, onions and parmesan. This dish was rich and the cream sauce was far from delicate, but it was satisfying nonetheless.

Cappellini Pomodoro ($12.50)- Angel hair pasta bended with fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic. Very simple, very good.

Gnocci Pink Bolognese ($13.25)- Potato dumplings in a light cream bolognese sauce and basil. Good flavor but the gnocci weren't light, airy pockets.

Linguini Carbonara ($12.95)- Italian pancetta, sauteed with sweet onions, garlic, parmesan cheese in a cream sauce. The texture and flavors were right, this dish was oh, so good.

Melanie's birthday tiramisu. Very airy, light, just sweet enough. We all enjoyed it very much.

On an earlier visit, I had tried the Scallopini Di Vitello Al Limone ($19.95), which is veal scallopini sauteed with lemon sauce, a touch of white wine, garlic and wild mushrooms. It was superb but I admit after eating at Brasserie Brickell Key, it is difficult to return to the office without longing for an afternoon siesta. The food is on the heavy side, but at the same time, is delicious. It is not easy to find good Italian food in Miami, and this is good enough for the time being, but I won't stop searching...and the eggs.

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