December 4, 2008

Pumpkin Pie!

On Thanksgiving morning, TLMM made this gorgeous pumpkin pie! I am getting the recipe together and will post it soon. In the meantime, I downloaded the photographs, saw this one, and just had to share. Food porn at its finest...and the eggs.


Anonymous said...

On Happy Bird-day, Kitty-Mom and I went to Emmy's where we greeted those four, the Hudome four, Mary, Daphne, Tim, their daughter and son. We all had a great time. The reason for this "comment" is that Kitty made (among many other things) her famous Bourbon Turkey. If you don't have that recipe, ask her for it. It is always unusually good and worth reminding your lurkers in the future. Love- Pop

Cooking Magazines said...

When are you posting the recipe for this Pumpkin Pie. It sure looks delicious...I can't wait to try the recipe. Hope you'll post it soon!

Kitchen Ovens said...

Hi! I love baking and trying all sorts of new recipes,your pumpkin pie looks so delicious. I'll be back again to get your recipe. Hope you can post it soon. Thanks.