November 15, 2008

Jim's Steaks-the forgotten post!

During a recent trip to Philadelphia, we decided to stop by Jim's Steaks, in Northeast Philadelphia, for a cheesesteak. During our last trip, we went to Chink's Steaks on Torresdale Avenue, which is in my old 'hood. I knew that Chink's Steaks would be nearly impossible to top.

The menu.

The grill!

Our steaks!

As it happened, they were good- but nowhere near as good as Chink's. If you want a Philly cheesesteak to remember, go to Chink's. It's not that these were bad, but they were bland and the grease didn't do anything for the steak like it does elsewhere. There is a happy medium in cheesesteak world where you need just enough grease but not too much- and the flavor of the steak should be predominant on the taste buds. While I have to admit that none of the sandwich went to waste, I would have to give Jim's a C- for texture and flavor.

It's not hard to make a good steak at home- I did it a while ago- see the post here. For you low carbers out there, try just the filling w/out the bread. Hey- half a cheesesteak is better than no cheesesteak at all...and the eggs.

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The Cookbook Junkie said...

I used to live practically around the corner from Jim's South Street location and honestly the only time I ate there was once when I had out-of-town visitors who were searching for the true Philly cheesesteak experience (that's the only time I went to Pat's also).

Arties32 said...

I went to Jim's on South Street on several occasions, always with out of town guests! I remember them being decent steak sandwiches. I only had Gino's one night when I stayed out too late and someone at the bar went out and brought back a lovely breakfast. I thought Gino's was the best I had tasted until I had Chink's. You must have had a BLAST living so close to South Street!!!

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I think I did. I don't remember a lot of it. Too many 190 Octanes at Fat Tuesdays.

I ate more chicken cheesesteaks from Ishkabibbles and pizza from Lorenzo's after drinking than anything else. I really didn't eat many cheesesteaks while I lived in Philly. I liked the ones from the Owl's Nest on Temple's campus when I was living there. For a while, when I was living at 13th and South, there was a little place on South Street (further up from the action) that we ordered cheesesteaks from quite often(Gennaro's I think was the name). I used to get one with peppers (sweet pickled peppers I think) and that was probably my favorite Philly cheesesteak.