April 16, 2008

Tropical Chinese! Finally!

My search is over. It took almost 4 years, but I have found fabulous Chinese food in Miami. JAM's birthday was quickly approaching. JAM is my brother in law and fellow food enthusiast- and the lack of decent Chinese food had been a recurrent conversation topic between us. A trusted co-worker recommended Tropical Chinese and just in time for a birthday dinner!

The Dim Sum:

Ground pork, shrimp and vegetables. Almost the texture of a matzo ball- light, but bursting with flavor. Steamy and soft. Magical. These were my personal favorite.

Shrimp dumplings. Delicious, perfect texture- how do they make these so right, not gummy? I could have stuck to the dim sum and wine for the rest of the meal.

Crispy shrimp roll. Hands down the best spring roll I have ever tasted. The inside was pure shrimp. At this point, I was already looking at my calendar and picking a date to come back to eat only dim sum (during lunch hours, 7 days a week).

Our first entree was Peppercorn Spiced Prawns. Dusted with pepper salt sauce, flash fried and wok tossed with fresh jalepenos. The peppers were so spicy that they flavored the shrimp enough without having to even eat them- but of course, we did.

Shredded Pork in Spicy Szechwan Sauce. Not spicy enough but very good- TLMM and JAM both declared this their favorite entree...

...and my favorite entree- Sizzling Black Pepper Beef. Amazing. Could have been spicier, but maybe I was spoiled by the jalapenos in the shrimp dish.

The wine list has something for all tastes and price ranges. Among the menu items are such delicacies as shark's fin soup, abalone, several duck dishes and roast squab (which must be ordered 2 days in advance). They have hot pots, a long list of vegetarian specialties and all kinds of noodles, including lo-mein, pan-fried and chow fun noodles. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this restaurant to anyone! It was one of the best Chinese restaurants I have ever had the pleasure to patronize (I have been to hundreds- everywhere from Corpus Christi, Texas to Richmond, Virginia to Eilat, Israel.) It is often said that when a Jewish family moves to a new town, they find a temple first and a Chinese restaurant second. In my family, we found the temple first only because my father is a Rabbi, and it would have been his new place of employment.

As fortune would have it, Mayor Carlos Alvarez and his party were seated at the table next to us just as we were served.

We're going back for Dim Sum- the date has already been set! This restaurant has my highest recommendation of any so far- Four Golden Eggs. Or, in this case, Four Thousand-Year Old Golden Eggs...and the eggs.

Tropical Chinese in Miami


JB said...

Put that on our list after Joe's stone crab. We will be there before you know it!

Arties32 said...

The stone crab season ends (and Joe's closes) after Mother's Day. But now you can plan to come back during stone crab season and try Joe's :) Can't wait to see you and Steve O. !!!!!

Suzanne said...

Now that I'm unemployed Sam and I can go to dim sum for lunch any week day. Yippee! If you ever visit us we'll take you to a fantastic place here now that I know you are a fan. Did your shrimp have the shell on still? That is my personal favorite. And I love those wide, rolled rice noodles with shrimp inside and a soy dressing poured over the top. Mmmm.

Barb McMahon said...

Truly, decent dim sum makes life worth living.

We can finally get it locally, Suncays from noon till 3:00. Oh, the excitement!

Suzanne said...

I just looked at this again and I'm feeling like my fortune is reading "dim sum is in your near future." Would it be terribly wrong to go during Passover? Sam and I actually saw a guy in a yarmulke eating dim sum during Passover once (it was over for us Reform Jews but not for the Conservative and Orthodox in the diaspora). Not that you'd expect to see a guy in a yarmulke eating dim sum anyway because of the preponderance of pork and shellfish.

Arties32 said...

Thank you, Barb! I was so glad to hear that the cookies were a hit. Suzanne- it is never wrong to have dim sum during passover :)
We were in Pittsburgh but are back and I'll be in touch.

Melissa said...

The OTHER fabulous Chinese food place in Miami is Tony Chan's Water Club. No dim sum, but FABULOUS Chinese food.

Next time you are out east, check it out! ;)