April 7, 2008

Birthday Fun!

We celebrated TLMM's birthday over the weekend with old favorites. On Saturday (the actual anniversary of the blessed event) we had dinner at Samurai, which is owned by Benihana. Birthday Japanese steakhouse dinners are quickly becoming a family tradition. It's guaranteed fun for people of all ages! TLMM's brother, JAM, had the most unique dish- it was calamari- but at Samurai they cook it with asparagus and fresh tomato right on the hot sizzling grill. Definitely different from other Japanese steakhouse fare, and quite delicious. Thank you for dinner, JAM.

TLMM asked for fondue for her birthday meal- it was one day late but the triple threat of cheese fondue, hot-pot with filet mignon and Key West pink shrimp followed by chocolate fondue was definitely worth the wait. See my early January post here for the recipes. The combination grass fed/grain fed filet mignon was like butter. We took our time, moving from one course to the next and taking our time with a glass or two of Shiraz. By the time we moved on to the chocolate course, it was all we could do to find room. She loved it! Happy Birthday, TLMM- here is to another fantastic year to come...and the eggs.


nunu said...

Happy Birthday to Beth!

JB said...

Happy Birthday - can't wait to see you guys!!! Hope it was great.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I wasn't there to celebrate with you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to TLMM!

Love from Sparki and the Dean.