January 12, 2008

Norman Brothers: Honeybell Tangelos and Purple Potatoes

Honeybells are grown in Florida, and are available for only one month a year- January. They are the sweetest, juciest type of citrus imaginable. We simply cut these up and had them for dessert. But not until after tasting these technicolor tubers:

Purple potatoes! Okay, I was a bit leery about trying these after the red corn incident, but who could resist purple potatoes? I recently discovered Norman Bros. Market in South Miami, and picked up this interesting produce there. I baked them like I would any potato, and they were just fine. Tasted just like any Idaho baked potato.

I'm a sucker for strangely colored food. I went through a cake baking phase for the sole purpose of experimenting with coloring the batter. I ate a lot of gray cake, but also learned to keep it simple, which is excellent advice for any type of cooking. Most everything is best not tinkered with too much. Enjoy your weekend, try something new- or something old in a different color...and the eggs.


bmoon said...

was never fond of foods of color - but the spuds were great - thanks for making them

Arties32 said...

You're welcome sweetie pie! Now you know what purple tastes like :)

Sparki said...

Wow. Pretty!

food's questions and answers said...

Wo...looks so delicious!