January 15, 2008

Jack's Birthday (Observed)

Another special occasion saved up for Joe's Stone Crabs!

Large claws. Mmmmm.

The creamed spinach. The waitress told us nutmeg is the secret ingredient, however, the nutmeg in this dish is not subtle. It was the only disappointment of the evening.

Crab cakes. Delicious- one is enough, but they give you two!

We finally celebrated Jack's birthday, and we we did so in style. We purchased a 3-hour limo ride at a charity auction in December, and this was the perfect opportunity to use it.

TLMM can barely contain her enthusiasm as we cross the McArthur Causeway.

When Joe's Stone Crabs is mentioned, you will often hear that they do not take reservations, and it takes hours to be seated. This is true unless you strategically minimize your waiting time by arriving at 3:30 PM on a Sunday and putting your name on the list. You will be seated at 4:00. This will work every time. Your other alternative is to wait and enjoy drinks at the bar, not a bad option either, but we were a hungry bunch.

On our waitress' suggestion (she has worked at Joe's for 13 years), we ordered one salad which she divided and served for us. She also told us that in addition to the mustard sauce which accompanies the stone crab claws, melted butter is available upon request.

The Eat at Joe's cookbook was on sale for $7, reduced from the pre-holiday price of $20. The book reads like a cross between a Miami Beach history book and a cookbook- it's full of fascinating historical information from 1913 (when Joseph Weiss first came to Miami from new York) forward.

We had a good ol' time. Jack's birthday dinner was worth the wait, and we came away with a cookbook which will enable us to enjoy a little bit of Joe's at home...and the eggs.

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JB said...

OMG - those pics are killing me. Even the dissapointing spinach looks good to me.