September 24, 2008

Tony's Tomato Pie- There's Nothing Like It!

Tony's Place, in Northeast Philadelphia, has a secret weapon that sets it apart from every other neighborhood joint. Their tomato pie! It is perfection in its simplicity.

Dough is formed into a crust.

Mozzarella is dealt like cards over the dough.

A garlicky, thick tomato sauce is spread over the crust. A drizzle of olive oil over the top and it's ready to be cooked!

The pie goes in the oven and...voila. Tomato pie.   The crust is so thin that it bubbles slightly when done.  A sprinkle of Italian seasoning goes on top and it's ready to eat.  

I don't think that words do this pie justice.  I always order a garden salad with Tony's homemade Russian dressing - it goes perfectly with the pie.  After eight years in Philadelphia, and four years in Miami without a bite of tomato pie, I can honestly say that my taste buds missed this more than anything else in Philly.  The crust is almost cracker-thin but each bite has enormous taste.  If you find yourself in Philadelphia, stop in at Tony's and ask for Sue.  For their website, click here.  Sue will treat you like family- and, evidently, never forgets a face...and the eggs.

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JB said...

I want one now! How nice that they let you take pictures of the food being made.

Suzanne said...

Have you ever had their snapper soup or saloon potatoes? What are those all about?

Arties32 said...

I never tried the snapper soup because it's really turtle, and I can't eat turtles. At least that's what everyone has always told me. As a potato lover, I can't believe I never tried the saloon potatoes, except that they don't really go with tomato pie :)

I have had their eggplant parm, which is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tony.