August 11, 2008

The White Dog, Richmond, Virginia

A few hours after our arrival in the capital city of Richmond, Virginia, we were off to one of our favorite restaurants, The White Dog, in the Fan neighborhood. The restaurant is named for Max, a mutt who was adopted from the SPCA in 1992 by the restaurant's owner.

The first thing you might notice upon arrival is the availability of good beer on tap! They have Boddington, Stella Artois, Blue Moon and others. You might also notice the original artwork adorning the walls. They were all painted by Roslyn Pruitt, Max's mommy and local artist. You might notice all these things. Even if you don't, there is one thing that won't go unnoticed- the quality of the food!

First, a few appetizers! I had never tried this Wilted Spinach with Walnut & Brown Sugar Crusted Chevre Cheese and Bacon Vinaigrette. It is now one of my very favorite dishes anywhere! The flavors were made for each other- and the amount of each on the plate was perfectly planned.

The Bruschetta Trio- artichoke spread, hummus and sun dried tomato pesto with feta. Mmmm. Despite my unnatural love of artichokes, my favorite was the sun dried tomato with feta.

The Captain ordered the Soup of the Day, which was seafood chowder on this day. He gave it rave reviews- by the time I thought to ask for a taste, it was gone. Maybe he'll post a comment describing it.

Max's Carnivore Special for the night was lamb glazed with mustard sauce. TLMM can't pass up lamb, and she happily reported that this might have been the best lamb she had ever had.

I ordered Black Angus New York Strip with Roasted Garlic Glaze. I chose cheddar grits for the side dish- the steak was good but the cheddar grits were stellar. Grits always taste better in Virginia. Speaking of sides, the choices for the day were mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cheddar grits, herbed orzo and collard greens.

The Captain had Grilled Flank Steak in a Mongolian Marinade. I didn't forget to ask for a taste, which was advantageous since he did go on to finish every morsel on his plate. The steak was tender, well seasoned and melt in your mouth delicious!

There were so many other entrees that sound mouth-watering. One of these I had during my last visit- "Beggar's Purse" Pasta stuffed with Cheese and Pear served with Roasted Spaghetti Squash, Toasted Pine Nuts and Spinach in a White Wine Butter Sauce. How about Pan Seared Scallops with Bacon, Artichoke Hearts, Red Onion, Tomatoes, Leeks, Spinach and Garlic in a light cream sauce over Herbed Orzo? There is Bourbon Spiked BBQ Shrimp and they also have Seafood and Vegetarian specials daily.

You might be surprised at the restaurant scene in Richmond. The food is inventive and there is always something on the menu reminiscent of true Southern cooking. Our first meal in Richmond was a winner, and would be a tough act to follow...and the eggs.

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JB said...

yum - these pics are great. I am going to print it out so Roslyn can see it - (she isn't on line at home)