June 6, 2008

Grilled Lobster Tails!

Once in awhile, you just have to splurge. Last night, TLMM grilled lobsters, and we sat down to a leisurely, delicious meal.

We found gorgeous one pound South African lobster tails at the market, and she went to work. First, using sharp kitchen shears, put the lobster tail belly-side up and cut a slit straight up the bottom.

Cut away and peel off the bottom section of shell.

Mix up some paprika and olive oil and spoon over lobster tail.

Preheat grill or prepare charcoal for indirect cooking. After gas grill is preheated, turn heat to low (or use indirect heat with charcoal) and place lobster on the grill.

Close cover and let it cook for 3-4 minutes. Turn it.

Close cover and let it cook for another 3 minutes and then turn it on its side for a couple of minutes. Adjust cooking times to the size of the lobster tail, but remember, they cook quickly, and they are nearly inedible if overdone.

When tender yet firm, remove from heat.

If you take a fork and pull, the tail will pop right out of the shell while hot. If you let it sit, it will be harder to remove the meat. As soon as these babies came off the grill, all bets were off. The minute we saw the meat pulled from the shell, I didn't even remember that I owned a camera, or that my intention was a blog post. At that moment, all I was thinking about was eating them, which we did. We forced ourselves to eat slowly to savor the flavors, but it wasn't easy. It was incredible, and, during a minute of what I thought was lucidity (somewhere between the melted butter, lobster chunks and glasses of Pinot Grigio), I realized that I could eat lobster every day. This morning, it all seemed like a dream. I hope to have that dream again soon...and the eggs.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Those look incredible!

"Tender yet Firm".... Love that!


Arties32 said...

I knew you would--that was exactly what I was thinking when I wrote it- I was dying for you to see!!

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy even though I don't even like lobster!

~~Louise~~ said...

Okay, I'm just gonna do it. Life's too short not to enjoy Lobster.

Yours look too tempting to resist.

When I'm sitting by the grill with my mouth drooling, I blame (thank) you!

JB said...

You are making that for us on our next trip!!!

JB said...

YOu are making that for us on our next trip!!!

Pannifer's said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only food blogger who forgets all about blogging when faced with actual food!

They look and sound delicious!

JB said...

because of this post I had to go to Long John Silves for lunch yesterday and get the lobster bites. I am sure they wern't as good but at least for about 2 bucks I was tasting real lobster.

Suzanne said...

Glad to know I have Jewish friends out there who love lobster and pork as much as I do. But really, JB, Long John Silver's?

When we lived in Boston we made several trips each summer up to Maine for steamed lobster dinners at the lobster pounds up there. They taste even better sitting by the ocean or salt marshes. And there is nothing like steamers to start of the meal.

I'm too wimpy to steam a live lobster myself but getting lobster tails for grilling would be a great way for us to enjoy lobster at home. Maybe I'll surprise Sam for father's day!