March 4, 2008

Fritz & Franz Bierhaus - Coral Gables

We've moved to different locations in and around Miami, but always go back to the Bierhaus in the Gables. The menu is full of traditional German fare, including marinated herring, Liptauer cheese and wiener schnitzel. The service is friendly, prices reasonable and the schnapps are chilled and varied. First, the appetizers:

Sausage Sampler: Bratwurst, Knockwurst and Smoked Bratwurstover with Harald's legendary potato salad. So good that we discussed our next trip and how we should eat just plates of these.

The liptauer, a mixture of cream- and cottage cheese made spicy - it's served with warm bread and it's gooooood.

The special for Thursday nights: Goulash!

It was rich, fragrant, hearty and delicious- spatzle on the side.

Breaded pork scallopini with roasted potatoes, fried egg and anchovies. My father ordered this, and thought it hit the spot.

My plain old schnitzel- sans anchovies but avec Harald's potato salad. Fantastic dish, the schnitzel is tender inside, crispy outside, the potato salad is warm and vinegary- really great flavors.

White cabbage salad, warm red cabbage salad- both make your mouth jump for joy! I'm serious! The red cabbage has to be my favorite thing on the menu.

We had eight in our party, but everyone had what is pictured above or variations on the same. After dinner, we indulged in a schnapps or two. It's not the syrupy schnapps you buy in the bottle, it's a homemade clear type of fruit brandy. This is the house schnapps, apricot flavored. We also tried apple schnapps. It went down easily, perhaps too easily... we could have sat around and sampled more, but it was getting late, and it was a work night.

We vowed not to wait so long before our next visit. For something fun and different, try a German restaurant. You can either order side dishes and eat tapas-style, or go for entrees. It would be a great place to go for happy hour- there's a beer list instead of a wine list! So...mach schnell! Find the German restaurant in your city, there's bound to be one...and the eggs.

Fritz & Franz Bierhaus Austrian-Bavarian Restaurant & Bar in Coral Gables


JB said...

I can tell that is Pop's hand holding the schnaps.I am so jeljel of whoever ate Winerscnitzel - it is my fav.

Arties32 said...

Yes- you know how he keeps that pinky out, I was laughing as I posted that picture. We will put that on the list for when you visit!

Pannifer's said...

Wait... nobody had the marinated herring?

I can never pass that up when it's on the menu!

Arties32 said...

Pannifer's- I think I'll try it next time. The only time I have had herring was at my cousin's bar mitzvah- and it was in sour cream. It was delicious- until my father told me it was herring! But my new resolution (after reading all 3 Ruth Reichl books) is to try everything.