February 20, 2008

The Do-Nut Dinette (An Oldie But A Goodie!)

I started eating daytime meals at the Do-Nut Dinette in 1983 when I was a college student at Old Dominion University. It wasn't hard to become a regular- after a couple of visits, the owner and cook knew my name. After a year or so, my friend and frequent dining companion, Hugh Copeland (of the Hurrah Players) dubbed me "Miss Do-Nut Dinette", and bestowed upon me a lovely sash and a sparkly scepter. Each of my subsequent trips to the diner ended with my granting all of the other diners donut blessings with a wave of my wand. I am, of course, too mature now for such silly games (really, I am!), but I do make it a point to stop for breakfast or lunch at the Do-Nut Dinette every time I am in town.

Eggs, sausage, buttery grits and a biscuit.

Did I say that the last fried green tomatoes I tried were the best yet? I'm changing my mind- these were the best yet because the crust was more than a dusting and was crisp yet didn't steal the spotlight from the tomatoes. Peppery, too. Mmmm.

Biscuits and gravy is a prerequisite to eating breakfast in Virginia. We couldn't let that tradition go by the wayside!

The Do-Nut Dinette has made its own donuts daily since it opened in 1952, but you have to be an early bird to get your hands on one. Unfortunately, we weren't early enough this time. In addition to a varied, delicious and reasonably priced breakfast menu, they also serve Southern-type lunch specials such as chicken and dumplings and salmon cakes. This is one rare instance where instead of telling you that I COULD eat there almost every day, I can tell you that I HAVE eaten there almost every day. I did so regularly for at least 4 years. I was never, ever disappointed- either with the counter service, the food or the company of the other diners. When I go to the Do-Nut Dinette, it feels like home...donut blessings to you...and the eggs.


JB said...

This is great. - And it gave me a great idea for my Do-Nut Dinnette post.

Anonymous said...

Donut Blessings to YOU Jenn-Mishca.

Arties32 said...

And donut blessings to you, too, Sparrrkii :)

Arties32 said...